Highway Junction and Highway Truck Park are committed to provide world class facilities to the road transport industry.

  • 3 separate branded forecourts
  • Safe & Secure hard parking
  • Clean showers and ablutions
  • OK Express
  • 24 Hour Workshops
  • Monthly undercover parking
  • Driver Rooms (overnight or long term)
  • Driver’s Clubhouse
  • Fresh and homemade food
  • Trucking Wellness Clinic
  • Laundromat
  • TV’s and entertainment centre
  • Best Truckstop in South Africa
  • Road Freight and Logistics Industry Provident Fund
  • You are visitor number82,338Keep truckin’

    Welcome to Highway Junction

    Highway Junction is the number one rated truck stop in South Africa and the preferred stop-over point for many truck drivers passing through the N3 corridor.

    In excess of 1,500 vehicles pass through our facility daily. We have taken a conscious decision to establish and maintain a world-class logistics hub for refuelling, parking, storage and handling.

    Highway Junction and Highway Truck Park are committed to providing world-class facilities to the road transport industry.

    Drivers can only function well when they are treated with respect, fed healthy food, provided with clean ablutions and secure resting facilities. - Chief Executive, Ben Deysel” 

    Highway Junction is adjacent to the N3/N5 junction south of Harrismith and exactly halfway between Durban and Johannesburg. We have been a key factor in improving on-road safety since 28 May 1999.

    We are the leaders in driver safety.

    Diesel Price



    Free Parking from 08:00 to 15:00 during weekdays
    Anytime Shower Special

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    Our facility is focused on commercial vehicles but provides a safe, clean, secure and familiar environment where all diesel powered vehicles can stop for their different needs, this includes:



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