Vision & Mission

~ Our Vision

It is our vision to be the diversified service provider of choice to the transport and logistics industry on the N3 corridor. We aim to provide safe and clean facilities, together with excellent customer service.

~ Our Mission

We are a diversified service group providing the following services to the transport and logistics industry on the N3 corridor:

Safe and secure paved overnight parking;
Competitively priced diesel with industry-leading value-added services;
Clean ablution facilities and driver’s clubhouse (incl. a Laundromat);
Truck service facilities;
OK Express and groceries
Office & contract management space;
Drivers rooms and undercover parking area.

~ Our Values

[Highway Junction Truck Stop]

The spirit that guides the Company and gives it its unique character. These values and principles inspired Ben Deysel to establish Highway Group of companies in 1998. Those values and principles are considered sacrosanct and, despite changing times, new developments in the transport industry and the challenges of the industry, they remain consistent.

The core values that constitute Highway Group's business activities include:

We conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty.
We strive for teamwork and maximum productivity.
We act with accountability and discipline.
We are committed to service excellence and being customer-driven.
We learn from our past to continuously improve our future.

~ Sustainable business

As suggested by a leading retailer, we believe in the “Legs of the table” principle. Each leg is required to be equally strong in order for the table to remain balanced and upright. The four legs comprise:

Promotion and social responsibility

Each leg is equally important to the success and continued sustainability of the business. Each requires, and continues to receive, equal focus and management support. We are actively involved in the local community and support various initiatives to assist with job creation, economic development and upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities.


Diesel Price



Free Parking from 08:00 to 15:00 during weekdays
Anytime Shower Special

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